A direct descendant of the company that created the first computer, Unisys was perceived as an old-line mainframe manufacturer in a world of PCs. In reality, the company had transformed itself into a nimble computer services company. But few knew.

Unisys asked for a new campaign that would rally its employees and could run globally. Research showed that customers thought that what set the company apart was the dedication of its people. Rather than do just another "people" campaign, we opted to do something that would get the company noticed.

Unisys thoroughly embraced the campaign and awareness reached an all-time high. The ad shown is a later iteration of what was called the "monitor head campaign."


Why Finnair is going with our E-Business solutions for the long haul.

When Finland's national airline was looking to lift long-distance cargo sales, it looked to e-business technology. And that meant Unisys. Our solution? The Unisys e-@ction Internet Commerce Enabler: A unique application that allows Finnair's partners and clients to place orders and track cargo status via the Internet. What's more, we integrated this e-business solution into Finnair's existing systems. So the airline's Web- enabled cargo operations could be up and flying quickly and economically. All of which put Finnair miles ahead of the competition. But that's what you'd expect from people who are always ready to go the distance for their clients.


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