With investors uncertain about the future and with conflicting guidance from the experts, mutual fund sales languished. Broker-sold DWS Funds were particularly hard hit.

We developed a campaign that acknowledged market uncertainty but positioned the broker as hero. By knowing their needs and goals, and by guiding them to the appropriate funds, brokers could help clients weather difficult economic times. DWS, of course, is shown as the ideal source for such funds. The campaign led to a marked increase in sales of DWS Funds.


No wonder economists can't agree.
Half of them think this is a set of false teeth.

If the experts are divided about which direction the economy will take, what's the investor supposed to do?

We'd say diversify. Which is what we've been saying for the past twenty years.

And we have over 140 different funds so you can help your clients do precisely that. So they'll be prepared for any eventuality and any opportunity.

For at DWS, we don't attempt to predict the future. We simply provide the tools to help your clients secure theirs.

Funds for what's next.