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Our long-time client, Value Line, decided to enter the mutual funds business offering funds based on the company's vaunted stock-picking process. Their target was first-time investors and people with IRAs.


Are you saving your way to the poor house?

What kind of question is that?

Haven't we all been encouraged to save for a rainy day? And isn't a penny saved a penny earned?

Certainly. But consider this. Short-term interest rates are at their lowest level in twenty years.

Which means the interest you earn today from a bank CD or a fund that invests in money-market instruments barely keeps up with the cost of living.

Fortunately, now there's an alternative. We call it the Value Line Adjustable Rate U.S. Government Securities Fund. But you can call it the Value Line ARM Fund.

The Value Line ARM Fund.

This new fund seeks high current income with low price volatility by investing primarily in adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) securities. Investments that may offer higher yields than CDs or money-market funds, depending on market conditions.

What's more, the fund's primary investments (though not the fund itself) are backed by the U.S. Government or its agencies - providing the highest degree of credit safety in the world.

100% No Load. 100% Expenses Waived.

Like every Value Line Fund, our ARM Fund is 100% no load. So it has no sales or redemption charges at all.

And through October 31, 1992, we'll absorb all fund fees and expenses. Which means your entire investment works for you.

To find out more about Value Line's new ARM Fund, send for a free prospectus today.

We'll show you how you can avoid the poor house without betting the farm.

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