Unisys was perceived as tardy in offering solutions that would enable clients to do business via the Internet. The company feared losing companies to new solutions providers. We created a campaign that said the process of adding "clicks" to "bricks" was more challenging than competitors implied and that Unisys had the experience to overcome these challenges. In doing so, we leveraged Unisys's competitive advantages: a history of providing enterprise-wide solutions and service people with a reputation for solving client problems. (Now it can be told: Our original idea was to add ".com" to the name on the sign. But the client wanted to reinforce the "e concept." )


If only it were that simple.

There's more to becoming an e-business than this.

To succeed in the digital economy, you've got to do more than just put up a Web site. You've got to transform your business.

Which is why you should talk with us.

Introducing Unisys e-@ction Solutions.

That's the name we've given to our portfolio of service and technology solutions to help you interact with your customers and transact business via the Internet.

Unisys e-@ction Solutions are about understanding how your business works. And integrating Web technologies into your existing systems and applications to maximize the strengths of both.

e-business isn't a new business for us.

At Unisys, we were involved in e-business even before it had a name. Helping hundreds of clients in key industries and governments successfully transform themselves. And staying with them until the job was done.

We're ready to help your business achieve the speed and agility you need to win in the digital marketplace through Unisys e-@ction Solutions. Quickly, cost effectively and, yes, even painlessly.

Because while becoming an e-business isn't simple, it doesn't have to be simply awful.

We eat, sleep and drink this stuff