Banca Serfin

When the U.S. and Mexican governments agreed to allow goods from this country to be assembled in Mexico and then transported duty-free to the United States, American companies scrambled to set up cross-border assembly plants. With its strong presence in northern Mexico, Banca Serfin was ideally positioned to become the leader in financing these plants. All the bank needed was some help in getting the message to U.S. manufacturers. We partnered with Banca Serfin to develop a campaign that assumed category leadership and promoted the advantages of locating manufacturing facilities in Mexico - rather than merely promoting its capabilities. As a result of the campaign, Serfin, the third largest bank in Mexico, became the leader in maquiladora financing.


This isn't a border. It's an edge.

Competitively speaking, locating manufacturing facilities south of the border produces a number of significant advantages. Because the cost of doing business in nearby Mexico is far less than in the States.

One reason is Mexico's labor force. One of the most skilled in the world, the costs of employing it are among the world's lowest.

What's more, Mexico's proximity helps hold down what you spend to ship finished goods. And that can be considerable.

Then there are Mexico's tariff policies, which you'll find vary favorable, indeed.

All factors that have convinced companies like yours to set up assembly plants, called maquiladoras, in Mexico.

We know. Because some of the most successful ones have been established with the help of Banca Serfin.

For we deliver almost every financial service a company could need. From helping locate plant sites to guiding you to experts in legal and customs affairs.

So if you're looking for a competitive edge, talk with Banca Serfin.

Because manufacturing in Mexico isn't just smart. It borders on the ingenious.

Banca Serfin