J.G. Boswell Company

We do a good bit of work for agencies. Naturally, they prefer that we don't show our work for their clients. A welcome exception is a great California agency, Marketing & Design Associates, who graciously allowed us to show one of the ads we did for its biggest client, J.G. Boswell Company.


Mr. Zhang isn't one for surprises

Nothing makes Mr. Zhang more unhappy than to learn that a shipment of sticky cotton has brought production to a halt. Because every minute his mill isn't working to capacity is money out of his pocket. And Mr. Zhang doesn't like that.

But if Mr. Zhang demanded Boswell extra-long staple Supima™ cotton, he'd never be unpleasantly surprised. Every shipment of Boswell cotton is of the highest possible quality, just like the one before it.

This remarkable consistency results from Boswell being the only company in the world that produces, processes and supplies Supima cotton directly to the mill. Not to mention an obsession with producing the world's best cotton.

What's more, if Mr. Zhang's mill spun Boswell cotton, he'd not only have far fewer production problems, he'd be able to offer superior threads and yarns and sell them for greater profit.

But perhaps Mr. Zhang doesn't insist on cotton from J.G. Boswell Company because, for some inexplicable reason, he doesn't know about us.

But maybe this ad will change all that.

J.G. Boswell Company