IEM offers real estate as an investment suitable for IRAs. The big investment firms don't.


The investment Merrill,
Schwab and Fidelity don't
want you to know about.

And why it should be in your IRA.

Over the past five years, one investment has outperformed both stocks and bonds.

It is an investment that ensures critical portfolio diversification ... is the foundation of many of the world's great fortunes ... and provides steady income while protecting against inflation.

This remarkable investment can increase wealth so rapidly that many rely on it to repair damage dealt to their assets by stock market swoons.

Is this some exotic investment requiring special knowledge, substantial sums of money or a high tolerance for risk? Hardly. For it is, in fact, the most widely held investment in America. It's real estate.

So the real question should be, why isn't it in your IRA?

What Wall Street Doesn't Want You To Know.

The reason the big financial firms don't offer real estate for your IRA is because they haven't figured out how to make money at it. It's too complex, too labor intensive.

And as for financial planners, most come from the world of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and annuities. Real estate isn't part of that world and they hesitate to recommend something they don't understand.

Which is where we come in.

Introducing Independent Executive Management.

We're the only firm in the country dedicated solely to helping people use part of their IRAs to invest in real estate. Unlike the big financial firms, we know real estate and we're set up to handle everything from locating suitable properties to taking care of all the accounting and legal details.

At IEM, we can help you invest in real estate of any kind. In any part of the country or the world. We've built a network of top real estate, accounting and legal people to do precisely that.

Can anything this good be legal?

Completely legal. Real estate always has been approved by the IRS as a legitimate IRA investment.

Besides, our firm is a division of one of the nation's most respected financial planning organizations. We've built our reputation on integrity and on putting our clients first.

Is this investment for you?

At IEM, we believe that real estate should be part of almost every IRA portfolio. And probably yours.

But it's your decision. We'd like to give you more information to help you make it.

So call us today at 813.241.6800 or visit and we'll send that information to you. Of course, there's no charge or obligation.

Just a chance to do more for your IRA than Merrill, Schwab and Fidelity ever did.

Independent Executive Management