The Bank of New York

The Bank of New York offered co-op loans with no points. So did every other bank in town. Our task was to make the Bank's offer sound special. (Sometimes the ad is the edge.)


Our co-op loan is pointless.

That means you won't pay points. If you get a co-op loan from us during July.

We've got loans from $50,000 up. And some of the most reasonable rates around.

To get your loan without points, come into any branch of The Bank of New York. Or call Action Phone toll free at 800.942.1784. Out of state, call 914.684.5514 collect.

But you'll have to hurry. Because while the amount of money we have to lend is practically unlimited, our pointless period isn't. It ends July 31.

After then you'll have to pay points.

And what's the point of that?

The Bank of New York