Ambac was the nation's first municipal bond insurer. But competitors soon arrived and "insured municipal bonds" became a generic term. Investors assumed all insured bonds were alike and Ambac's market share was threatened.

In a campaign that used old movie stills, we suggested that only Ambac had the financial strength to deliver on such bold promises as this. The campaign resulted in increased awareness and sales.


Without us this would be a real disaster.

We're Ambac, And we insure municipal bonds.

If you're thinking of buying some, ours is a name you should know.

Because no matter what happens to the place that issued your bonds, if we've insured them you'll get all the money and interest that's coming to you. In full and on time.

We don't just promise that. We guarantee it. Unconditionally.

Now you've got to be pretty strong to offer a guarantee like that. And we are.

In fact, Ambac has been given the highest possible rating by Moody's, S&P and Fitch's. Triple-A.

So if you're considering adding municipal bonds to your portfolio, ask your broker to make sure they're insured by the people who came up with the idea of insuring bonds in the first place.


After all, isn't one disaster enough?